Saturday, September 5, 2009

Why Don't We Take Care of Our Health?

I was diagnosed with diabetes two years ago and during the past two years I have become much more aware of what type of diets people have. People with diabetes can live a long healthy life with a change to their diets but I have been surprised at how many don't seem to care. I have also know other people that have health issues that the type of foods they eat make their issues worse, but still they will not change. I can understand the addiction to foods many of us have, I want to eat ice cream and drink a soda, but I guess I want to live more than indulge in sweets. I have been puzzled over this and have been asking people why they can't make the change. Most of the responses have heard are, " I am not going to let a disease run my life". Well if you continue the path you are on and don't change your lifestyle then the disease will ruin your life, not run it.

If you have read any of my other posts you will know that I have found my success with diabetes through diet, exercise and nutrients. Well I have seen people find relief from health issues from taking proper nutrients, but just like the food example, I see people stop using them when they start feeling better. It is so easy to forget how we get feeling better, whether it is diet exercise or proper supplements. People hit the desperate point of poor health and are willing to try anything, but as soon as something begins to help they drop it and go bad to the poor habits that got them to that desperate point. Again this process baffles me to see.

So I am asking my readers to help me understand why it is that human nature acts in this way?

I am not perfect in my plan, I skip exercising, I eat things I should not occasionally, but for the most part, I follow my plan for a better, healthier life.

Please comment and help me understand this cycle.

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