Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Don Miguel Ruiz

I have not written much in my blogs recently, I have been immersed in reading some great books. I have just finished reading: The Four Agreements, The Four Agreements companion book and The Fifth Agreement by Don Miguel Ruiz. These books teach the ways of the Toltec Seers. I am not going to explain everything about these books in this article; I think it is best served if you read them for yourself.

But I have been thinking how this may fit with people dealing with diabetes and would like to share my opinion here today.

The Four Agreements are: Be Impeccable with your words, Don’t take anything personal, Don’t make assumptions and Always do your best.

As we look at these agreements and then apply them to our disease of Diabetes, I think most would find that we judge ourselves and beat ourselves up over how we may have taken care of our bodies in the past. As most of you know that type 2 diabetes is a lifestyle disease and we regret not taking better care of ourselves in the past. We may also play the victim in this and possibly diminish our abilities with the “woe is me” syndrome. The Four Agreements addresses this type of behavior.

Are you beating yourself up over the past? Are you being honest with yourself and others? Are you doing your best in controlling your diabetes?

The Four Agreements changes how we look at life and how we deal with each day. If we work on our personal lives in this manner, I think we will be able to work on our struggle with diabetes ever better. This is only my opinion and you need to read the books and decide for yourself. Don Miguel Ruiz has done a great job with these books and his teaching are there for you to apply into your life, only if you have a desire to change the dream of your life.

Here is a link to Don’s great books on Amazon.

I hope you seriously look at this book and decide to read it. I am currently implementing the teachings into my life today.

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