Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Take a look at yourself!

What is your lifestyle!

Changing your lifestyle may have great benifits

Nutritional supplements are in every home. There are miles of floor spaces devoted to nutritional supplements in retail stores. Health food stores are popping up in neighborhoods across the globe everyday. New multi level marketing companies form every year. Nutritional supplements, vitamins, diet products, energy supplements and alternative medicines have become a multi billion dollar industry.

Why has this become such a thriving industry?

Take a look at the people around you and what do you see? We are a society of people on the run and lack of time to keep ourselves healthy. Go to any elementary school and see how many students are over weight.

The average person gets up in the morning and rushes to eat something quick before they run out the door to start there busy day. Then a quick lunch from a fast food stop close to work or a microwave lunch in the company break room. The end the day is a large meal, before retiring in front of the television for the evening. Not counting the several soda pops or energy drinks, accompanied with some sort of candy.

After several years of this type of behavior we are all in search of the magic potion that can reverse the years of abuse. Over weight, out of shape, run down and looking for the youth we once had. We look to the shelves in the store for something to transform us and cure us from the elements that plague us.

Many times it is too late to reverse the effects of a poor diet and lack of exercise. But it is never too late to try and you may even thank yourself for making it happen.

Diabetes and heart disease can be the result of poor diet, over weight and lack of exercise. Dropping the weight, controlling your diabetes and adding exercise can reduce the later complications of diabetes a whopping 56%. Diabetes can not be cured but it can be controlled and the benefits are well worth it.

NutriSystem, Inc.

There are many nutritional supplements that say they can reverse the effects of diabetes. Many people look for the easy path to deal with this disease. Taking a few medications and a hand full of supplements is much easier than changing their life style. The multi billion dollar industry then thrives.

Nutritional supplements are a well needed product in out lives. They can help almost every person in some way. Getting the right balance of nutrients is very important. Many of the process foods we eat lack the proper nutrients that were once in them. There are thousands of different products on the market that can help but it is finding the proper balance of vitamins and minerals. Each of us may need different nutrients based on the foods we eat.

It is easy to get over whelmed with the information that is available on nutritional products that are available today. The American Diabetes Associates or a diabetic nutritionist is the best place to start if you are dealing with diabetes.
If you have diabetes and want to create this healthier life style don't forget the ultimate combination.

1. Get to your proper weight
2. Eat a proper diet that is suited for people with diabetes
3. Exercise every day
4. Get the proper nutrients that your body needs.

I am the person I described in the beginning of this article. My life style was very poor and now I have diabetes to help me live a better and healthier life style. My endocrinologist told me on my first visit that, if I followed this plan I would be healthier and fell better than I ever had. One year later I will agree. I have a disease to deal with the rest of my life but it is controllable with the proper combination.

I am a firm believer in nutritional supplements. A combination of supplements has made a big difference in managing my diabetes.

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Sunday, August 10, 2008

My Multi Vitamin Experiment

After being diagnosed with diabetes and a A1c number of 11.7 I was put on a high dose of Benicar, Janumet and Actos. I met with a diabetic nutritionalist and began a diet low in carbohydrates, low fat and no sugars. I ate a lot of vegetables and some fruit. I also ate from the nuts and grains keeping the fat content low. I was keeping my blood sugar readings in a range of 110-190. I exercised for 30 minutes a day along with my active work schedule. After 5 months my A1c was at 8.9 and my blood pressure was in line. But I was not satisfied with these results. I had done everything and more that the doctors wanted but still not good enough for me.

I began studying about antioxidants, omega 3 and many different foods. I had found that omega 3 would help the high blood pressure and high triglycerides. It would help with the blood circulation. I also found that the antioxidants would help with the spikes that are so common with different foods. This is where I decided to create my own experiment.

I began taking a diabetic multi vitamin from Nature Made. This seemed to keep my blood sugar reading lower. I also started taking a product called Kyani Sunrise, a powerful antioxidant. This helped even more with my blood sugar readings. But I was unsure which was helping the most. So I began my experiment.

I went off of all my different vitamins and cut my medications in half for 10 days. At the end of 10 days I picked a day and went for 5 hours without any food. I tested my blood sugar and it was at 92. I then ate a large poppy seed muffin. After two hours I check my blood sugar and got a reading of 223. I now this is not the proper way to control diabetes but this was my test.

I then went back on the diabetic multi vitamin for ten days. I keep my medications reduced to half. I then conducted the same poppy seed test. My blood sugar readings after two hours were 189. So the multi vitamin did help. I then added the Kyani Sunrise and Sunset to my diet and removed the multi vitamin. At ten days I did the poppy seed test. After two hours my blood sugar readings were 167. So the Kyani help more than the multi vitamin.

I then decided for one last test. I combined the multi vitamin and the Kyani products. Remember that I was still following my diet and exercising. After ten days I conducted the poppy seed test. Two hours after eating the muffin my reading was 141. This is what I was trying to achieve. This is the combination that seemed to work and I keep my medication reduced to half. I also never have had a problem with low blood sugar, so this was not a issue for me. These products may affect a person with low blood sugar differently.

I have been doing this combination for 3 months and had a full check up and blood test. My A1c is at 4.7 and my blood pressure is perfect. If I calculate the savings from reducing my medications in half I easily pay for all the multi vitamins and Kyani each month. I can eat more foods and not have the spikes I use to have.

I believe the combination of proper diet, exercise, Kyani and multi vitamins has contributed to my success in controlling my diabetes. I don’t know if this works for everyone but it sure works for me. I am healthier than I have ever been. I am more active and have more energy than before. I am please with my results and I hope to share these results with anyone that I can.

If you have any interest in learning more about my success please e-mail me stevefeller21@msn.com. I will send you my diet, exercise plan and what products I take.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

My Diabetic Story

My story begins in January of 2007. I had set a New Years goal to weigh 190 pound. I had studied many topics around the Law of Attraction. I had my morning affirmations that I would weigh 190. I did this every day and tried to eat healthier.

My first signs began in June of 2007. I was having problems with my eye sight and problems with heartburn and stomach related problems. I ignored the signs and continued believing that I weighed 190 pounds. I then started dropping pound very rapidly. I was at one point losing 2 pounds a day. My first thought was great the Law of Attraction is working. When I hit 220 pounds I was getting very sick so I began eating more to try and help. I still continued to lose more. I began to seek medical attention at this point.

I was diagnosed with diabetes in September of 2007. Prior to January I weighed 265 pounds. I did not exercise or eat a very good diet. I worked a stressful job and ate on the run most of the time. I had lived this life style for many years. When I went into the doctor they started questioning if my family had diabetes. I had no one on my side with diabetes. They did a quick blood test and my life began to change.

My blood test maxed out there meter at 500. My A1c was determined to be 11.7. The acceptable number should be below 7. I was immediately put on three different medication. Benicar for my blood pressure, Janumet and Actos for the diabetes. I was put on a fairly high dose.

In the first of December I had my second blood test. My A1c was at 8.9 and my blood pressure was getting better. I had been reading books on different diets. I had been working with a diabetic nutritionist and exercising every day. I had done everything the doctor asked and worked at getting my numbers in line the best I could. I was discouraged by these results.

I began searching for alternative products that would help get my numbers in line when I began studying the benefits of antioxidants and omega 3. My wife’s cousin introduced us to a network marketing company called Kyani. I hate network marketing and never wanted to get involved. But when I started studying the products they had I was amazed to find that Kyani had exactly what I was looking for.

Kyani Sunrise is a powerful antioxidant made from wild Alaskan blueberries. This product is loaded with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. I quickly placed an order and began taking one ounce a day.

Kyani Sunset is a omega 3 made from Alaskan salmon with a powerful vitamin E. I also included this in my new diet. This product helps with the high blood pressure, high triglycerides and better circulation.

In my studies I found that I still was lacking some of the important vitamins and minerals a diabetic needs. I found a product manufactured by Nature Made called Diabetic Health Pack. I also included this in my regiment of products.

I continue to eat healthy, exercise and take my new vitamins and Kyani। I had my last blood test in April and wow what great results. My A1c was at 4.7 and my blood pressure is perfect. I don’t contribute this success to any one of these products or life style changes. I contribute this to the combination of all.

Contact me at stevefeller21@msn.com

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Diabetes Today

Almost every person knows someone or has a family member with diabetes. The diets of many increase the odds for this disease. The American Diabetes Association in there 2007 ADA statement estimates 17.5 million Americans have been diagnosed with diabetes. Another 7 million Americans are undiagnosed. The ADA also estimates the yearly cost to be $174 billion. This is a staggering $11,744 per year in related costs to the individual with diabetes.

Diabetes can lead to severe complications. Blindness, heart disease, lower limb amputation and kidney damage are just a few of the major complications. The sad part of this disease is that more than have of the people in a pre-diabetes type II condition could correct their conditions with healthy diet and exercise. A healthy diet and exercise can also reduce the complication that may occur in people with diabetes. Creating a life around healthy foods and daily exercise is a must to reduce the risks associated with diabetes.

Eating a healthy diet is sometimes difficult with the types of foods that are offered in the American society. High fat high carbohydrates seem to be the quick and the cheap. Americans always seem to be in a hurry so this type of diet fits right in. The cost of eating healthy is sometimes a challenge for people with low or fixed incomes. Take a look at the cost of a salad compared to the high fat 99 cent menu at the standard fast food drive up. Any item that has low fat, low carb or healthy on the label seem to cost more than the regular item. But if everyone would look at the $11,744 per year cost associated with diabetes it may help justify the additional cost of a healthier diet.

Proper exercise has become commercialized and unreal expectations are trying to be achieved. Then finding time to follow the new exercise fads of the month is difficult. Again we are back to the fast paced life style many of us Americans live. Many believe that the club or gym is the only answer. But again we are dealing with time and money. For most with diabetes a long walk or light exercise at home may make all the difference that is needed.

Too many people don’t think that complications will happen to them. So they push the limits with foods, over weight, not enough exercise and not spending the money for medications. Then the life style sets back in and before they know it the complication start. At this point it may be too late. Many of the complications of diabetes may make it difficult to exercise or control their blood sugar level as before.

I am a diabetic with type II diabetes and I have found a life style change that is keeping my diabetes in check. I slip from time to time but I continue to create a life style and don’t look at it as a big issue. Prior to being diagnosed my weight had fluctuated over fifty pounds. I would lose it and then gain it back and then lose and then gain.

I set a New Year resolution one year to change my life style and get my health in control. I continually told myself I was going to weight 190 and live a healthy life style. By June I started to have eye sight problems and gastrointestinal problems. But I continually keep telling myself I was going to get healthy. In September I was diagnosed with diabetes. When I was in with my endocrinologist he told me that if I did everything he told me I would live a healthier and fit life more than I ever had. Bam like a ton of bricks! My affirmations came true.

A year later I am living a healthier and better life than I had. I have lost 65 pounds. I have reduced my medications to almost nothing. Diabetes forced me to live a healthier life.

If you want to learn how I have done this please e-mail me at stevefeller21@msn.com

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