Saturday, August 8, 2009

Chronic fatigue and Fibromyalgia, Synergy can Help

I want to share a quick story that is taking place in our family at this time. My wife has struggled with poor health for years. She has frequented many doctors and has very little success in feeling any better. She suffers from chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia. For years the only relief was from harsh narcotics, but the excessive use was making them ineffective. She was determined to never take narcotics again and to find a way to feel better.

About 60 days ago she decided to go to a doctor that specializes in more of a dietary approach. She had many different blood tests before starting anything. She has high liver enzymes, high cholesterol and many vitamin deficiencies. The doctor started her on a special diet and a regimen of nutritional supplements. But she found out that the V3 system that I was taking for my diabetes had all the supplements she needed except for MSM and SAMe.

She started the diet with the V3 system plus MSM and SAMe. The results have been close to amazing. She has lost 22 pounds in 28 days and has more energy that she has had in many years. The pain has resided but not completely gone. She sleeps better at night and accomplishes much more during the days.

Now I don’t contribute this completely to Synergy’s V3 but I think the combination of all she is doing is working. She gets antioxidants and omega 3 from the Mistica. Vitamin D, vitamin b’s and l-arginine from the Proargi. These products provide some of the recommended nutrients from the doctor.

This doctor only provided a sheet with the nutrients and proper dosage; he did not promote any products. He did make suggestions of some good companies to buy from, but we found Synergy could provide everything but the MSM and SAMe.

I am providing this story to show how Synergy can help people improve their health. Now these products will not perform miracles, but with proper eating and regular use of Synergy’s products, you can make a difference in you health.

One more thing! She lost all of this weight without any exercise whatsoever.

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Linda said...

I started 3-1/2 years ago with just a single scoop of ProArgi-9 Plus, and that made a tremendous difference in my fibromyalgia! 2 scoops a day is my current "maintenance" dose. These products work!!!

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