Sunday, October 26, 2008

Exercising with Diabetes

I was diagnosed with diabetes 14 months ago. In the first 10 months I was so faithful at exercising every night. During the summer I started to slip and only get to it a few nights a week until I had stopped. I am just getting back on my exercise program.

Exercising with diabetes is so important and sometimes hard to keep doing. Here are a few top reasons for keeping with the exercise program.
  • Exercising helps maintain your healthy weight.
  • Exercising helps maintain your muscle mass which helps with the absorption of sugars.
  • Exercising helps the blood circulation in the body. This is extremely important to help reduce the risks of loss of limbs.
  • Exercising reduces the risk of heart disease which is more prevalent in people with diabetes.
  • Exercising helps to keep blood sugar down and reduce the spike.
I have noticed the difference when I was exercising and when I am not. The biggest difference for me is my energy level. I tend to get fatigued easier and less energy. I have also gained a few pounds that I need to work off.

I know how important exercising is to maintain our healthy bodies and it is even more important for people with diabetes. I encourage everyone to keep a good consistent exercising program going. I will get back on my plan and you stay on yours.

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Saturday, October 4, 2008

Benifits of Olive Oil

When I was first Diagnosed with diabetes I went to a dietitian. She created a meal plan for me to follow. It consisted of a low fat and low carbohydrate diet. One point she did make was to use olive oil in as many foods as possible and to replace butter with olive oil. I asked why olive oil? it is very high in fat. I was then educated on the great benefits of olive oil.
Yes olive oil is rich in calories and high in fat, but it has mono saturated fatty acids and omega 3 fatty acids that act as natural cholesterol controlling agents. 70% of olive oil is made of mono saturated fatty acids and 9% with PUFA (Ploy Unsaturated Fatty Acids). The powerful oleic acid in olive oil has a lot of benefits. Oleic acid in olive oil makes your arterial walls more flexible and clears the fat deposition in the walls of the arteries. Medical reports revealed that oleic acid in olive oil has the special property to destroy the bad cholesterol (LDL) that causes heart attack and arteriosclerosis. We all know what LDL does to our arterial walls. This actually settles in your arterial walls which finally results in the formation of plague in your arteries. Your arteries may turn rigid because of this deposition and plague formation thus resulting in the deadliest heart disease-'arteriosclerosis'.
Olive oil has even more benefits such as the special ability to suppress the cancer causing gene. It not only shields you from the killer disease but also prevents you from the onset of diabetes. Abdominal fat is the main cause for diabetes. Olive rich Italian diet clears the excess fat from thighs and abdomen thereby giving a smart look. Olive oil is rich in vitamin E and F. these vitamins are prime requirement to stimulate hair growth, strengthen hair and repair breakage. Olive oil will also rejuvenates your skin and refresh your tissues making for a healthier looking skin. So with all of these benefits olive oil is a great choice to add to your every day diet.
I now use olive oil in almost all of my cooking, I sprinkle some on my whole wheat pasta and add it in my salad dressings. It has a very distinct taste that some people don't like but I have found that I like the flavor it adds. There are many different types so experiment with several to find which suits you the best.
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