Saturday, May 30, 2009

Wins Nobel Prize, Then Gets Buried!

Wins Nobel Prize, Then Gets Buried!

  • Cuts artery plaque by an incredible 50%...
  • Drops high blood pressure as much as 60 points...

Nobel Prize winner Dr. Louis Ignarro made a special appearance on the Hugh Downs broadcast to reveal the covered-up truth about this astonishing breakthrough. He's discovered a "miracle molecule" that could make bypass surgery, angioplasty and blood pressure drugs obsolete.

Already, doctors are saying this natural discovery can expand narrow blood vessels, eliminate dangerous clots, lower high blood pressure as much as 60 points, reduce artery-clogging plaque by an amazing 50%...

And this is not unproven hokum. It won Dr. Ignarro the Nobel Prize!

No doubt you're wondering, "I don't get it. He won the Nobel Prize. Why haven't I heard about it?" I'm afraid the reason is that this amazing discovery has been...

Killed by big-money medicine, because it's too cheap!

Dr. Ignarro found that L-arginine converts to Nitric Oxide but the the Nobel prize was for his finding of what nitric oxide did to the blood vessels.

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