Saturday, May 9, 2009

The Need of Nitric Oxide in Diabetes

From the many researches in the past 10 years it is evident that the proper amount of nitric oxide helps reduce cardiovascular disease. But in a resent study at UCLA School of Medicine it is found that people with diabetes have an even harder time producing nitric oxide. With higher rates of high blood pressure, uncontrollable blood sugar and other circulatory issues, diabetic bodies have to work harder to produce nitric oxide.

Nitric oxide has to come from some type of food source, mostly red meat. Many with diabetes cut out red meat to help reduce weight, so they are not getting any nitric oxide. This may be the reason why people with diabetes have a 4 to 6 time higher rate of cardiovascular disease.

Adding a supplement to help increase the nitric oxide levels in the diabetic body may be very important. This can be achieve very easily with a product called Proargi 9 Plus.

I have been taking Proargi 9 Plus for many months and have found great results. I have reduced my A1c from 11.7 to 4.7. I have had a 4.7 the last two check ups. I contribute this to my diet, exercise and the nutritional products I take. I would like to explain this to others that are suffering from diabetes. Please contact me at

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