Monday, June 22, 2009

Control the complications of Diabetes

This last Saturday, June 20, 2009 I attended a meeting in Pleasant Grove, Utah that was put on by Synergy Worldwide. The meeting was 2 hours long with the formulator of Proargi 9 plus, Dr. Joe Prendergast. I have watched many You Tube videos of Dr. Prendergast but this was far more interesting than any of the videos I have seen.

I am a diabetic and Dr. Joe Prendergast is an Endocrinologist, so this made for a very interesting subject for me. I think if you are reading this blog you have some interest in diabetes, so this may interest you also.

Dr. Joe, as I will refer to him, talked a lot about how the medical world is rethinking how we may deal with diabetes. Controlling the blood sugar levels has always been the focus for a diabetic. But with the development of Proargi 9 plus, Dr. Joe has been controlling the complications of diabetes and not worrying as much about controlling the blood sugar levels. He made a statement that made me think he is right on track. He stated that if you can control the complications like heart disease, high blood pressure, poor circulation, cholesterol, kidney functions and provide overall good health then why worry so much about whether your blood sugar numbers are staying in the perfect range?

Wow, that made me think that if you really can control these major complications with a proper nutrient and in a more natural way than harsh medications then this may be the answer that we all should be looking for. Because the reason we control our blood sugar is so we have less risk of these complications. This was a big take away from this excellent meeting.

Another interesting topic was around the deficiency of Vitamin D. This subject has been in the news very regularly lately. Doctors are finding that the recommended daily dose of 200 IU is just not enough, that it should be 2500 IUs for health adults and up to 50,000 IUs for unhealthy adults. Proargi 9 Plus had 2500 IUs per scoop and you should be taking two to four scoops a day. Well Dr. Joe suggests adding more Vitamin D to the Proargi 9 Plus through a spray that will be coming on to the market soon.

I can not cover all the great this Dr. Joe talked about but here are two that really impressed me. I have been taking Proargi 9 Plus for nearly 6 months and have my diabetes under control. My last A1c test was 4.7 down from 11.7 almost 18 months ago. I have reduced my medications to almost nothing and feel great.

A new slogan that my group has come up with is “Let’s Save a Million Lives”. Now I think that is a goal I want to add in my life. I can’t do this on my own; it takes a determined team to make this happen. I am on this team and would like to invite you to join this team and help make this goal a reality.

You can join by going to and register as a distributor. But if you only want to save your own life then go to this same site and register as a preferred customer. Either way you are still helping to achieve this worth while goal.

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Linda said...

Dr. Joe is awesome! Since I'm obsessive about "validation" of health claims, I look through lots of research reports -- and find he's so far ahead of the currently recognized knowledge curve it's astounding. You've joined an awesome, truly life-changing company!

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Great information! It's well written and pretty much straight to the point. The more people know about this disease the better they'll be able to ward it off. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Controlling diabetes is not an easy task but people are doing it with good aims :)

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