Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Diabetic Diet

The American Diabetes Associates is a great resources for different diabetic diets. Finding a diet that works for you is what is most important. Achieving long term success is key to controlling diabetes for the rest of your life.

My diabetic diet was designed personally by a hospital dietitian. It is not always easy but I have found it works and is something I can do for ever. It was a change in lifestyle but a change for the better.

I have been on my diabetic diet for over a year and have found it to be my way of eating for life. I have lost 65 pounds and keep it off. I do slip from time to time but I have kept my weight within 5 pound for about a year.

This is a very simple diet and does not take much measuring or reading once you have been doing it for a while. Here is the easy formula I use.

Keep your Carbohydrates under 200 each day.

Keep your fat intake under 5 grams each day.

Eat more from the green vegetable and lean meats.

Stay away from sugar and white flour. Eat more from whole grains.

I also keep my calorie count under 2100 per day.

These key points will keep you away from the foods that are bad for weight gain and diabetic. As you start studying calories, carb and fat grams you will find that vegetables are the key to hitting these numbers.

A great rule of thumb for an average meal would be like this: A portion of meat slightly larger than a deck of cards. A light yogurt or small portion of fruit. Then fill up on broccoli or a green salad with fat free dressing.

Snacking between meals is great some dried fruit or low fat granola bars.

One treat I do have a couple of times a week is a Skinny Cow ice cream sandwich. Only 140 calories and low in fat. They even taste good.

I hope this is some help to those looking for a better eating lifestyle or someone trying to control their diabetes.

Creating a great meal plan and watching how you eat and what you eat is the start of a successful diabetic life.

If you are counting carbs the best resource is the Atkins diet book.

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