Sunday, October 26, 2008

Exercising with Diabetes

I was diagnosed with diabetes 14 months ago. In the first 10 months I was so faithful at exercising every night. During the summer I started to slip and only get to it a few nights a week until I had stopped. I am just getting back on my exercise program.

Exercising with diabetes is so important and sometimes hard to keep doing. Here are a few top reasons for keeping with the exercise program.
  • Exercising helps maintain your healthy weight.
  • Exercising helps maintain your muscle mass which helps with the absorption of sugars.
  • Exercising helps the blood circulation in the body. This is extremely important to help reduce the risks of loss of limbs.
  • Exercising reduces the risk of heart disease which is more prevalent in people with diabetes.
  • Exercising helps to keep blood sugar down and reduce the spike.
I have noticed the difference when I was exercising and when I am not. The biggest difference for me is my energy level. I tend to get fatigued easier and less energy. I have also gained a few pounds that I need to work off.

I know how important exercising is to maintain our healthy bodies and it is even more important for people with diabetes. I encourage everyone to keep a good consistent exercising program going. I will get back on my plan and you stay on yours.

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