Sunday, August 10, 2008

My Multi Vitamin Experiment

After being diagnosed with diabetes and a A1c number of 11.7 I was put on a high dose of Benicar, Janumet and Actos. I met with a diabetic nutritionalist and began a diet low in carbohydrates, low fat and no sugars. I ate a lot of vegetables and some fruit. I also ate from the nuts and grains keeping the fat content low. I was keeping my blood sugar readings in a range of 110-190. I exercised for 30 minutes a day along with my active work schedule. After 5 months my A1c was at 8.9 and my blood pressure was in line. But I was not satisfied with these results. I had done everything and more that the doctors wanted but still not good enough for me.

I began studying about antioxidants, omega 3 and many different foods. I had found that omega 3 would help the high blood pressure and high triglycerides. It would help with the blood circulation. I also found that the antioxidants would help with the spikes that are so common with different foods. This is where I decided to create my own experiment.

I began taking a diabetic multi vitamin from Nature Made. This seemed to keep my blood sugar reading lower. I also started taking a product called Kyani Sunrise, a powerful antioxidant. This helped even more with my blood sugar readings. But I was unsure which was helping the most. So I began my experiment.

I went off of all my different vitamins and cut my medications in half for 10 days. At the end of 10 days I picked a day and went for 5 hours without any food. I tested my blood sugar and it was at 92. I then ate a large poppy seed muffin. After two hours I check my blood sugar and got a reading of 223. I now this is not the proper way to control diabetes but this was my test.

I then went back on the diabetic multi vitamin for ten days. I keep my medications reduced to half. I then conducted the same poppy seed test. My blood sugar readings after two hours were 189. So the multi vitamin did help. I then added the Kyani Sunrise and Sunset to my diet and removed the multi vitamin. At ten days I did the poppy seed test. After two hours my blood sugar readings were 167. So the Kyani help more than the multi vitamin.

I then decided for one last test. I combined the multi vitamin and the Kyani products. Remember that I was still following my diet and exercising. After ten days I conducted the poppy seed test. Two hours after eating the muffin my reading was 141. This is what I was trying to achieve. This is the combination that seemed to work and I keep my medication reduced to half. I also never have had a problem with low blood sugar, so this was not a issue for me. These products may affect a person with low blood sugar differently.

I have been doing this combination for 3 months and had a full check up and blood test. My A1c is at 4.7 and my blood pressure is perfect. If I calculate the savings from reducing my medications in half I easily pay for all the multi vitamins and Kyani each month. I can eat more foods and not have the spikes I use to have.

I believe the combination of proper diet, exercise, Kyani and multi vitamins has contributed to my success in controlling my diabetes. I don’t know if this works for everyone but it sure works for me. I am healthier than I have ever been. I am more active and have more energy than before. I am please with my results and I hope to share these results with anyone that I can.

If you have any interest in learning more about my success please e-mail me I will send you my diet, exercise plan and what products I take.

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