Sunday, February 1, 2009

New Year Resolution

Well the first month of the new year has just passed and I am sure you have set some New Year resolutions. The most common goal that is set is losing weight or improving health. This show how out of control our eating habits really are. Diabetes is also a sign of uncontrolled eating habits.
My goal was not to change my eating habits because I have spent the last year learning how to do this. I do need to be more consistent with my exercise. But my goal was to create a more harmonic life. I began this journey by reading a great book by James Ray.

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I first read the science of success and enjoyed it very much. But when Harmonic Wealth came out I read it several times. I did the course worksheets that came with the book. If you have ever heard James Ray speak, he always talks about how balance is bogus. After reading the book I totally agree. We can never find balance in our hectic lives but we can find harmony. Think about the circus clown spinning the plates on a stick. He can keep five going but he can not just balance five on individual sticks. You have to continually keep addressing the five key areas in your lives. Stop trying to balance them, step up and deal with them.

You might wonder why I put this in my diabetic blog. Because if you can't control your life you will never control your diabetes. Poor eating habits, lack of exercise and general overall health are key signs that you may have your life out whack.

Here is a quote from the book.
Thought Proceeds Actions
"If you don't clean up your thoughts, you will never change your actions.To understand why, try to have a thought without an image. Think about your neighbor without visualizing him or her. Think about your car without seeing it in your garage or drive way. Think about wanting to feel healthier without at least a fleeting image of what you would look like. Can you do it? It's not possible".

Diabetic control is a mindset. Eating proper foods, exercising and being consistent with nutrients and medication is a mindset. Our overall life is a mindset. Learn how you can create a more harmonic life and you may find it will help with your diabetic control.

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